Day 2; The Road Ahead

Day 2 of 365 ; The Road Ahead

The road ahead of me today was beautiful, the sun was shining and bouncing off of the snowy filled fields.. I couldn’t see past the hill, but instead of wondering what came next, I stopped and took this photo and enjoyed the beauty that was all around me.

Similar to our own lives,.. we can’t always see whats ahead , but isn’t it almost exciting NOT to know?   This year I have a whole new perspective on life and I feel that God has me on this road for a reason and that over the next hill in my life will be something great , and I also feel like this year.. God is going to lead us onto a new path..a new road lies ahead for us, I just feel it.   So instead of worrying what is ahead, and stressing about what is next for us, I will leave that to God and enjoy my journey, because if I try to look too far ahead & over the hill, I might just miss that beautiful flowers alongside the road beside me.

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