Day 1; Happily Sick

Day 1 ; Happily Sick.

My daughter Camryn has been very sick for over 1 1/2 weeks now.  For the past week she has almost been lifeless , not playing, hardly speaking, not eating, not sleeping and would not let mommy put her down-for ONE WEEK!  …For that whole week I laid with her on the couch, harldy finding any spare moments to get myself food, get dressed or even shower.

Tuesday night I went in to check on her at 2 am to find her entire face and arms covered in dried blood (yuck..I know!) first since the room was still dark I had thought she colored herself with a marker she found in the night I said “Did you find a marker” and she sickly responded “yeaa”  but then as I turned on the light I realized it was blood!   Her nose had bled and dried in the night., my poor little angel.

The following day I brought her into Urgent Care to get her checked, on the way in I looked back to check on her and saw her face again covered in blood and it was just pouring out of her nose, so I had to pull over on the highway, put my flashers on, clean her up..and continue on our path to Urgent Care.

She ended up getting diagnosed with the following;  Double Ear infections (worse in the right), Strep throat, and then the Strep caused her to have Scarlet Fever, and also busted blood vessels in her nose.

I have just been praying and praying and praying for my little sweetheart to be back to her normal , always happy, silly self.    It has almost felt like she has vanished, and I just want my little girl back… after a week of it, I was starting to wonder if I would ever get her back..

Then the new year arrives and she woke up and her Scarlet Fever rash covered body had vanished and she has been playing the whole morning!!!   She is still sick, but I am so beyond thankful she woke up without her rash and with a happy smile on her face.

So this photo is the perfect photo to start off my Project 365 with, it reminds us that prayers can be answered-but always in God’s timing.

Thank you God for giving me my sweet daughter back!!!!


Happy New Year everyone!!!


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