Not Yet

“Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.”
– Proverbs 19:21, NIV

That hobby farm I recently posted about was taken OFF the market in October, ..with the possibility of being re-listed in the Spring of 2011. Is this God giving me time to ‘prepare my field’ (as spoken about in the movie ‘Facing The Giants’) ?! Is he giving me time to finish my 5 + projects I haven’t yet completed around the house?! If so, Im game. Bring it on projects!

As soon as I found out that the hobby farm may again be for sale, I got into GET READY mode…I de-cluttered the basement and got rid of over 1 truck load full of ‘stuff’ that was just sitting in a pile- my theory is, if we aren’t using it , why do we need it? It is time to SIMPLIFY. Then I decided once I finished that project I would finish the painting of the dining room, I am painting the trim white, and the walls a soft light blue ..plans are to buy a nice big dining room table with at least 6-8 chairs so we have enough seating for entertaining, then I would love to build a window seat by the bay windows with a cushion , and some built in book shelves, or storage under the bench. Other plans are to put down new flooring, something more natural looking, and then to paint the kitchen cabinets white. Then the bathroom..a whole other project , seems to be it would all be done if money grew on trees.. but little by little, (Very hard when I know exactly what I would do to a house upon seeing it-I get such clear visions, but then I have to be patient when I can’t find any money on those money trees , and just do piece by piece as the money comes)

God has shown me in the past few months what is possible, a vision of what could be, what I am capable of and where I need to go with my business, what a blessing. But he has also told me.. ‘Not Yet’ …. yikes those words are hard to hear, ..not yet?! But Im ready NOW! I want what I see, what I want right now God, why must I wait for your timing, why is it so hard !? I believe that if our God is as mighty as he appears to be, he will fill the desires of my heart, he will help me reach my dreams & goals, and help me get to those visions I see SO clearly now….but Not yet..

My heart longs for looking out my bedroom window and seeing fields of tall grass, stepping out my back door and seeing a small creek trickling through the yard, the kids running down a gravel driveway when getting off the bus, and going to work just out my front door and up the stairs into the loft of a Barn.. my heart is longing so badly for these things, am I asking too much? It seems like such simple things I want, but God says not yet, I have to finish my work here first, I was put in this town for a reason, my path has lead me here.. .. for many reasons, some which I may not even know yet.

And even if God tells me I need to wait , and not yet, and be patient .. and those words are hard to hear… I will still love him, I will still be thankful for everything in my life, and everyone who has crossed my path.

So maybe ‘Not Yet’ isn’t so bad after all.. because maybe Not Yet means ‘Someday’ instead of never.

I will hold onto hope. Hope is a beautiful thing.



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