Jelly side up.. or down? To Be Continued..

Today I dropped my bagel that I just spread with delicious  blackberry jelly..  it flew off my plate and onto the floor, landing jelly side down!   I felt like I was in slow-motion running to my bagel saying ‘noooooo!’  ..  and there it was , jelly all over the floor, my sad bagel laying there helpless..  and my two year old daughter saying ‘oh no mommy nummy !’  ..

Sometimes life lands jelly side down doesn’t it?   And sometimes when it does it gets all full of dirt and grime and germs, where we want to just take it and throw it away, never to see it again ..and then give up and never try again.

But then there’s always that second piece of toast waiting in the toaster for you to jelly it and start over.

Don’t always look at one failure as the end of your trail- look at it as a starting point and try again.


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