Funny Girly

My daughter Camryn, is really, the funniest little girl~ she gives me non stop laughs, I am so blessed to be able to stay at home with her during the day and capture some of her funny moments.   I really do think she could have her own t.v. show..wonder what it would be called?  Any ideas?  🙂

She thinks every little piece of furniture for dolls/barbies, etc is made JUST for her.  I mean-who could blame her?

But really-she cracks me up!    Just look at these two photos I took of her today, they explain exactly who she is.

This is a stick made rocker, simply made just for decoration in my home-I haven’t used it in forever, so I got it out of the closet to sell, or find a place for ..and before I could even carry it downstairs, Camryn was screaming “Bah Be Bye Bah Be Bye!!!!!!!”  (in her language, Bah Be Bye = Rock A Bye, which translates in our language = Rocking Chair)

Well so I decided to let her play with it, I told her she could put her dollies in it, went in the kitchen and heard her singing in the other room, came in and saw this……………

So that made me giggle and swoop her up and tell her she’s silly.

Later on-after lunch we went outside for playtime, and there is a little play doll house, which she really thinks she can climb the steps in, we’ve caught her doing this before and find it hysterical.. once she even took off her shoes, set them in the doll house’s upstairs bedroom and proceeded to ‘climb’ the doll house stairs. ………………. .. . . .

Oh how I love this little girl.  ❤


One comment on “Funny Girly

  1. shannon says:

    Cam is too funny:) I love how kids climb into baby furniture all the time, both my kiddos did that, in fact Kai still does.. too cute!

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