It’s tutu time.

I’m starting to stock up on cute items, such as this new tutu I found the other day, hats, outfits, and fun props for kids/family shoots.

I went on a tutu hunt the other night, oh the things we do as photographers in our ‘spare’ time.

I ran around and checked several stores and finally came across one at Big Lots in the toy dept next to the girls’ dress up clothes!   They were $9, at other stores they were all over $10.      I think the one I picked is perfect for the kind of photography I enjoy doing.

It is dark purple w/ flowers on it, which will be a beautiful contrast out in the green grass-since I highly enjoy taking shots outdoors.  It also contrasts great against our dark wood floors in our home in case anyone chooses indoor shots.

So I had my 1.5 year old daughter Camryn model the tutu for me,  and soon once the weather turns back to normal and warm, I’ll get some fun shots of her outside with it on next to the purple flowers!

Hope you enjoyed the photos…   and let me know if you’d like me to bring the tutu along for your next session!


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