Which route

Todays blog has not initial purpose, no recent photos to share, no recent adventures, just me writing..

I used to love to write, and maybe blogging is the start to that happening again. When I was in High school, I had numerous notebooks jam packed full of poetry, stories I had written and quotes I made up. Maybe someday I’ll get the courage to share some of those on here.

Life is so amazing isn’t it? We have so many wonderful people around us, and the opportunities to do with our life whatever we please, we can seek others in need and reach out to them, or we can pass them by with no feelings and no thoughts.

Which one are you? Are you someone who is going to stand up and make a difference or are you the one who watches everyone else do something, because maybe that’s the easier route?

So maybe you’ve started on the 2nd route, the so called easier route, and chose to do nothing and live your own life and worry about your own problems, and don’t know how to change…but maybe you feel something inside of you that says you aren’t happy.

In my own life experience (26 years of it) I have realized that happiness truly (REALLY..I mean it) comes from helping others. When I see a smile on a little boys face at a homeless shelter because I just volunteered my time to play with him (and even let him bop me on the head with a hard toy hammer)…when I receive a random Christmas card in the mail from a family who I donated clothes to at a free sale, or when I receive a knock at the door from a mom whose son just returned home from the marines with tears in her eyes saying thank you for donating a full thanksgiving meal for them… it is then that I know I have chosen the correct route, the route to true happiness.

A wonderful woman who inspires me without often knowing it, shared the video below today on her Facebook page, and I wanted to pass it along to all of you.

Take some time to breathe it in, read the words, look at the pictures and enjoy.


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