Great site/magazine for young kids!

If you listen to WWIB radio then you have heard of Focus on the Family (, a GREAT resources for families.

Recently my 6 year old son Rayce has been receiving a new magazine in the mail that comes from Focus on the Family, it is called Clubhouse Jr.  It has fun stories, craft ideas, comics, bible stories/verses, jokes, kids drawings, fun online links/resources, seek and finds, and LOTS more.

It is 19.99/year for 12 monthly issues- it does cost money, but I think it is more than worth it to have a positive magazine/resource for him and it is something that he really looks forward to coming in the mail!

But maybe you don’t feel like paying the 19.99, so check out the website which has awesome online recipes, ideas, crafts,bible verses, printable coloring pages and online games for your kids, plus lots more:

A great way to share God’s love with your children-or consider giving a 1 year subscription as a gift to one of your childrens friends or a neice/nephew, or a friends’ child!


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