Boys will be boys.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

November 24, 2009

August of 2009 I headed out through the woods to Big Falls County Park in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Running in front of me were three adventurous little boys; Jonathan, Trevin and Kade.

These boys have adventure and exploring written all over their hearts. I followed them over through the woods, over rocks, by the river, watched them throw sticks, even team up together to throw in larger logs into the water. We climbed up, down, over and under to get some fun photos.

Thank you to Shannon and the 3 boys for going on a small adventure with me!
A few of the photos from the day can be seen below:



Names in the sand…………

“Having three busy, hard to keep still boys, we were looking for someone different to get portraits of them. I came across Kelly’s ad and she seemed perfect. I contacted her and she suggested Big Falls Park in EC.
She met us out at the park and had many ideas on capturing not only portraits of the boys together, but individually and candidly. She was very patient, easy going and more than willing to follow the three boys on their “adventure.” She took TONS of photos, had the coolest ideas and was very willing to go with any ideas we had for photos too. She made sure that I was satisfied with our session and always asked if there was anything else we would like taken.
I have had a sneak peek of the photos and they are AWESOME! She captured what are boys are…BOYS! I love the photos and can’t wait to see the rest. We also plan to book Kelly for our outdoors Family Unity Ceremony next summer. I am so looking forward to more of her beautiful pictures!! ”
Shannon, Jim, Trevin, Jonathan and Kade, Colfax, Wisconsin


One comment on “Boys will be boys.

  1. Sascha Vogt says:

    Mark Twain said: “The difference between men and boys ist the price of their toys.”

    And he was right. I’m the living prove.

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